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Comprehensive Test Prep

Our flagship SAT and ACT curriculum, Comprehensive Test Prep builds and implements an individualized approach for every Excellerate student. We recommend this program to students committed to achieving their optimal scores. 


The student takes an SAT or ACT test (free of charge) before the first session. We score the test, then use every wrong answer to inform our analysis of the student's needs.


We diagnose where the student must improve, then develop a personalized curriculum to teach concepts and strategies that will yield the greatest score increase.


During sessions, we teach, guide practice, and provide targeted homework for the student.

Any newly found knowledge gaps are incorporated into the curriculum.

Official Test

With learned test-taking strategies and academic concepts clear in mind, the student takes the official test with confidence.

The List

The List is our proprietary, categorized table of every question type and its frequency on both the SAT and ACT. Using the most recent official tests, we have calculated how often — within a few percentage points — every type of question appears on the tests.

Paired with a student's diagnostic test results, The List tells us which areas of weakness to address first, in order to improve the most important skills.

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Early Bird Test Prep

For students who want a head start on test prep, we avoid repetitive test-taking to prevent burnout. Instead, students focus on the foundational concepts in each testing area. Armed with a thorough understanding of the basics, these students are prepared to achieve their highest potential scores in junior and senior year.

Reviewing for the Exam
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Application Essay Guidance

Excellerate Tutoring provides guidance and feedback on every step of the writing process — from brainstorming to final edits. We ask for significant emotional investment: encouraging students to explore topics that are personally meaningful. Then, our story-based approach provides a structure in which they can showcase their writing skills and essential character.

Taking Notes
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Academic Subject Tutoring

Our tutors provide high-level instruction to assist with daily high school classes, providing personalized instruction, practice, and review. Sessions vary significantly as they are tailored to the demands of the student's particular class.

Experimenting in Lab
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