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The SAT and ACT are the gatekeepers on the path to excellent higher education for motivated high school students. Steadily increasing competition to get into the nation's top schools means that the SAT and ACT also represent enormous stressors for students and their parents.


Based on analysis of a student's performance on practice versions of the most recent SAT and ACT tests, Excellerate Tutoring helps improve students' scores while lowering stress. Our approach sheds light on the myths surrounding college preparatory tests and learning in general.

We endeavor to make studying a process of discovery and learning a passion. A personal connection between tutor and student is therefore essential. With this in mind, we match each student with a tutor whose personal experiences, interests, and in-session demeanor align best with the needs of the student. 


Improving our Service

Successfully guiding our students to academic achievement remains our ultimate goal and a singular enjoyment for all of our tutors. To develop this service, Excellerate Tutoring holds weekly meetings to discuss best teaching practices. We require that our tutors bring at least one insight from the week's sessions in these meetings. In this way, we share teaching knowledge among all of our members to augment every tutor's growth as an educator.

Using Technology

We have implemented a database that produces original questions based on any number of given concepts and question types. This technology allows us to assign homework that targets improvement areas specific to each student. No two students receive identical preparation programs: every session and every practice question is tailored to the individual.

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